• We have a specialised breeding centre covering an area of over 2,000 m2 which guarantees an accommodation adapted to every species and in accordance with the animal protection regulations.
  • The modern corrugated sheet metal building guarantees that our animals are kept in absolutely hygienic conditions and that there are no draughts of air, and it also offers a clear view of the facilities.
  • Each accommodation unit for birds of prey offers a variety of adaptation options using many different materials, and also including a nesting box and breeding devices.
  • The working facilities are modern and cover a large area specially designed for breeding.
  • Our young breeding birds of prey can be trained for falconry in private reserves.
  • We have a 50-metre circular hack pen for the strengthening and proper development of our birds.

The careful selection of our breeding birds over the last years has guaranteed that we achieve the high quality demanded by the market.

Raúl PinillaProduct Manager

About Us

We are a team of professional falconry lovers who have turned our hobby into a way of life.

We have a passion for what we do and we are delighted to share it.

Breeding Centre in Spain

Spain is one of the most appropriate countries for the breeding of birds of prey thanks to its optimum weather conditions in the different seasons of the year.

In summer, Spain (a period of growing and adaptation for the birds) has temperatures which are very close to the high temperatures of the requesting countries.

Raúl Pinilla

Product Manager

Since he was 15 years old, Raúl has put his heart and soul into the world of hunting in general and falconry in particular. He has always sought a direct or indirect connection with birds of prey and the wonderful world surrounding them.

In 1998, thanks to a great friend of his, he started taking this hobby seriously, a hobby that, over time, has become a way of life that he has embraced with passion, devotion and care.

Captive breeding of birds of prey began in 2012. This activity has taken him to where he is now, allowing him to manage his own breeding centre with dedication and passion, a centre which in 2016 started to yield highly satisfying results for his national and international clients.